The year 2017 was a busy year for CG Communications, Inc. We give thanks to all of our valued subscribers for your loyalty and continued business, and we encourage you to continue to spread the word about our services. We are committed to excellence in all aspects of the business. We continue to make many changes to our wired and wireless networks. We will continue to grow and use emerging technologies to be able to provide the best services.


1. Upgraded Switches, Access Points and Back Hauls to High Density Regions

Benefit: More capacity and bandwidth is available while access to the world wide web is faster.

2. Even More Layers of Network Security Implemented with New Cloud Servers

Benefit: A safer and more secure network available to all CG subscribers.

3. Addressing Rain Fade Issues with Backup Links.

Benefit: When the storms come and the rain washes the Internet away (Rain Fade), you don’t have to lose your Internet connection. We have added backup high capacity links to our main sites to keep the Internet going.

4. Tower Upgrades

Benefit: There are many challenges to wireless Internet networks, such as solar storms, electromagnetic events, other providers, and Texas weather. The upgrades that we have implemented have shown faster ping times, less interference, and a more stable wireless network. We have added new towers to increase our coverage area, and in some cases replace shorter towers.

5. Computer Repair Services

Benefit:  CG is now able to offer computer repair services to residents and businesses.




2017 Year in Review