CG Communications is your best choice for wireless Internet service in the rural area. The table below shows why you should choose CG Communications, Inc. as your wireless Internet Service Provider.


Wireless Internet ServiceCG Comm. Fixed WirelessSatellite3G/4G Cellular
Company:Locally ownedNation-wideNation-wide
Data Plan:Unlimited Data PlanCapped (Limited to Data Allowance Policy. Usually 10 GB to 25 GB)Capped (Limited to Data Allowance Policy. Usually 200 MB to 10 GB)
Unlimited Downloads:YesNoNo
Penalty for Exceeding Data Plan:NoYesYes
Ping times (Lower is better.):LowHighMedium
Video streaming:Yes, such as Video Conferencing, Feature-length Films & Movies, Clips, etc.Yes, but with constant buffering and pausing, and watch out for running out of Megabytes.Yes, but you may run out of Megabytes in your Data Plan.
Real-time gaming:Yes, many subscribers enjoy RTS, FPS and MMORPG!No, you may get stuck at a log-on screen trying to connect, and time-out.Short to medium delays that will get you fragged, stuck, and frustrated.
Console Gaming Capable:YesNoNo
Gamers Love the Service:YesNoNo
Video Enthusiasts Love the Service:YesNoNo
Small Businesses Love the Service:YesNoSometimes
Technology:Radio and MicrowaveSatelliteCellular
Phone line required:NoOlder systems require a phone line for upload.No
Always On Internet:YesYesNo
Multiple Computers Allowed:YesDepends on Provider, Equipment and PlanDepends on Provider, Equipment and Plan
Benefits:All of the AboveAccess is available almost anywhere there is a clear view of the southern sky.Mobility
Limitations:Access must be line-of-sight to a CG Communications Tower. Solar and Magnetic Storms, sleet, heavy rain, and ice may interrupt service.Sluggish response time. Noticeable delays. Heavy clouds, Solar and Magnetic Storms may interrupt service. Average speeds are slower than 1.5 Mbps in rural area. Solar and Magnetic Storms may interrupt service.

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