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CG Communications offers multiple wireless internet service plans to meet the needs of Dale residents. If you are a casual web surfer, a social network butterfly, or a home business out in the country, CG Communications has the right service plan to meet your needs at an affordable price.
  • Good

    Basic service plan provides a high speed wireless internet connection at a budget price. This is plan is for customers that need access to the web, email, news, and chat. This plan offers download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps (Megabits per second) which is up to 25 times faster than dial-up service.

  • Better

    Residential service plan is our most popular high speed wireless internet connection service. Download speeds at up to 3 Mbps. At download speeds of up to 50 times faster than dial-up service you can download video clips, music, news videos, and follow your friends on social networking sites. Downloading medium sized files will only take a few minutes instead of a few hours.

  • Best

    Business service plan is the fastest option for high speed wireless internet service in the Dale area. Download speeds at up to 5 Mbps in the Dale area. For those with a small office or home office in the country, this service plan offers the speed necessary for Voice-over-IP (VOIP), Video Chat, and VPN. With download speeds of up to 85 times faster than dial-up, you can watch movies, download albums of music, watch video news, play online video games. Log on to your favorite social network site and start sharing your photos. This is a great value for Dale residents.

No Phone Line Required - Wireless High Speed Internet in Dale, TX

CG Communications, Inc. offers broadband wireless internet service to places in Dale, Texas where fiber optic, cable, and DSL are not available. CG Communications wireless internet service may be available where cell phones do not reach. CG Communications offers internet service via radio and AirMax technologies. Call 888-221-6704 for a free site survey.

Unlimited data and usage in Dale, TX

When you choose CG Communications, Inc. as your wireless internet service provider in Dale, TX, you will get unlimited data for a set price. You will not have to worry about getting charged extra for usage and data.

Free Site Surveys in Dale, TX

CG Communications understands that service availability may vary depending on multiple variables; therefore, offers free site surveys to residents of Dale, Texas. Our experts will determine if you qualify for CG Communications High Speed Internet Service. Call 888-221-6704 to determine availability.

High-speed wireless internet service is not available everywhere and is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to: frequency/spectrum availability and interference, solar spots, weather, topology factors, and customer's equipment.

24/7 Technical Support

We understand the importance of staying connected. CG Communications, Inc. now provides 24/7 Technical Support to its customers to ensure service is running smoothly. Our technical support experts are located in the United States of America to make sure you do not have communication problems with an overseas call center.

Broadband High-Speed Wireless Internet Plans and Pricing

Basic Wireless Internet


  • Up to 1.5 Mbps Download
  • Up to 300 Kbps Upload
  • Downloads up to 25x faster than Dial-up

Good for:

  • Email
  • Light Web Browsing
  • Downloading Small Files
  • Online Text-based Chat
  • News

Residential Wireless Internet


  • Up to 3 Mbps Download
  • Up to 300 Kbps Upload
  • Downloads up to 50x faster than Dial-up

Ideal for:

  • Email
  • Medium Web Browsing
  • Downloading Medium Files
  • Social Networking
  • Online Chat with Photos
  • News
  • Music
  • Video Clips

Business Wireless Internet


  • Up to 5 Mbps Download
  • Up to 500 Kbps Upload
  • Downloads up to 85x faster than Dial-up

Best for:

  • Email
  • Heavy Web Browsing
  • Downloading Large Files
  • Social Networking
  • Video Chat
  • Video Streaming
  • Photo Sharing
  • Gaming
  • News
  • Music
  • Movies
  • VPN
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Company Profile

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CG Communications, Inc. is a wireless internet service provider (WISP) based out of Smithville, Texas. CG Communications, Inc. has been bringing high-speed broadband internet service to rural America and is rapidly growing in central Texas. 

CG Communications, Inc. provides high speed broadband wireless internet service to Bastrop, Caldwell, Fayette, and counties and is serving the following areas, towns and cities: Bastrop, Camp Swift, Cistern, Dale, Flatonia, High Crossing, Jeddo, Kovar, LBA, Lone Star, Lockhart, Mc Mahan, Paige, Smithville, String Prairie, Red Rock, Rosanky, Upton, , and more as we grow.

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*Note: taxes, equipment and applicable fees are extra. Standard installations start at $199.00 with a 2-year contract. Monthly advertised prices are with a 24-month service agreement. Regular prices: Basic $55.95/Mo +tax. Residential $68.95/Mo +tax. Business $121.95/Mo +tax. Service is not available in all areas. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

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