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High Speed Rural Internet Since 2004

CG Communications, Inc. Internet Service Areas:

CG Communications, Inc. Serving Bastrop County, Caldwell County, and Fayette County

High Speed Internet Service

Smithville Internet services are faster than ever before. CG Communications, Inc. based in Smithville, Texas, provides wireless internet services to your countryside, ranch, farm, or home away from the city. We provide High Speed Wireless Internet service using state-of-the-art technologies such as Fiber Optic to airFiber to rural residents in Caldwell, Bastrop and Fayette counties. 

The Internet is a necessity. It is no longer a luxury. The Future is now, and it can’t wait for cable or fiber optic companies to dig up trenches and run miles of cable or fiber lines to reach us. CG Communications is the Internet provider you need now.

CG Communications, Inc. provides high speed Internet service to locations that do not have access to DSL, Cable or Fiber. We provide many speed plans to meet the needs of business and residential subscribers. The Internet service is fast, reliable, and affordable. No bundles are necessary.

CG Communications, Inc. has been growing and installing Internet service to last-mile residents and businesses since 2004. Whether you live in the country, a farm, a ranch, a log cabin in the woods, or a home away from the city, we offer many solutions to get you connected.

If you are searching for an Internet Provider, call us at 888-221-6704 to get connected.

Advantages of CG Communications

Affordable Internet Service

Country Living With High Speed Internet

You don't have to live in the city to get an Unlimited Data plan of High Speed Internet Service. CG Communications offers high speed wireless internet using state-of-the-art technologies. We have added additional Fiber Optic sites to provide more bandwidth to you. You don't have to worry about running out of data with our Unlimited Data plans. Now that's a great deal! The Internet can be your source of entertainment for less than a combo meal per day. 

CG Communications, Inc. is Bringing Broadband to Rural America. Wireless internet service at up to 160x faster than dial-up on a Residential Internet package. Say good-bye to dial-up service and unexpected disconnects. 


"Your service in our area has been a godsend to my family. Thanks. "

- Linda

"It definitely exceeded my expectation to get fast service so kudos for that!" 


"You said the service would be fast before I signed on, and now I know it is: 



 Company Profile

CG Communications, Inc. is an Internet Provider and Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) that is locally owned and operated out of Smithville, Texas. CG Communications, Inc. has been bringing high-speed internet service to rural America’s last mile residents and businesses, and is rapidly growing in central Texas. We are celebrating our 20th Year of providing the best internet services in this area. Smithville Internet services, Dale Internet services, Lockhart Internet services are faster than ever offered to the countryside residents and businesses. CG Communications, Inc. offers unlimited data plans for Internet service.

As an Internet provider, CG Communications, Inc. provides high speed wireless Internet service to the following central Texas counties: Bastrop County, Caldwell County, and Fayette County and is serving the following areas, towns and cities: Lower Bastrop, Texas, Cedar Creek, Texas, Cistern, Texas, Dale, Texas, Flatonia, Texas, High Crossing, Texas, Jeddo, Texas, Kovar, Texas, Lone Star, Texas, Lockhart, Texas, Lytton Springs, Texas, Mc Mahan, Texas, Paige, Texas, Sea Willow, Texas, Smithville, Texas, String Prairie, Texas, Red Rock, Texas, Rosanky, Texas, Upton, Texas, Wyldwood, Texas, and more as we grow.

We have added new area coverage for Internet in Sand Hills Road, Dale, Rocky Hill, Indian Lake and Lake Thunderbird! Our Sand Hills, Liberty and Rocky Hill Towers are online!

CG Communications provides: Dale Internet service, Lower Bastrop Internet service, Cedar Creek Internet service, Cistern Internet service, Dale Internet service, Flatonia Internet service, Upton Internet service, Lytton Springs Internet service, Lockhart Internet service, Mc Mahan Internet service, Sand Hill Internet, Sea Willow Internet service, Smithville Internet service, String Prairie Internet service, Red Rock Internet service,  Rosanky Internet service, Rocky Hill Internet service.



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