Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Internet Service?

You can call us at 888-221-6704 to get an electronic site survey done. We will let you know if we can provide service to your address.

Are you satellite?

No, but we understand why you ask. Many of the Internet radio receivers look like a small satellite dish, but instead of receiving a signal from outer space, it is receiving a signal from a CG Comm. Tower that is usually less than 6 miles to your address.

What type of Internet do you offer?

We offer fixed wireless Internet to your home or business. A radio receiver is installed on your home or business to receive Internet service. You’ll have access to a LAN (Local Area Network) port where you can plug in your computer or your router. (Routers are sold separately.)

Is it fast?

Yes, it is fast! We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, and emerging technologies on our wired (Fiber) and wireless (AirFiber) network, and it provides low latency connections to the Internet. Oftentimes, our connections are faster than Satellite, Cable and DSL. (based on ping latency)

Do all your Towers have airFiber?

No, smaller Towers with lower bandwidth requirements do not need the highest capacity hardware. If a tower requires a higher capacity, we may utilize airFiber or alternative solutions to surpass the bandwidth demands.

Is it possible to play games on your service?

Yes, we provide low latency connections and you should be able to play most modern games on our service. Please Note: If you are using  non-line-of-sight equipment, such as 900 MHz Internet radios, your latency will be higher, and real-time FPS and RTS games may lag depending on the path to the hosted game server.

Game/Application (Insert Game/Application Title) is asking me to open ports to make the game/application work, what do I do? 

You will not be able to host a game or run the application on a shared residential connection.

Do you offer Data Plans?

We offer unlimited data plans to all of our residential and business packages at this time. We do not charge you for data utilization. At this time, there are no overages for data usage.

What kind of restrictions do you have on the service? 

We implement and enforce Fair Use, Excessive Use and Acceptable Use Policies used by nearly all Internet Service Providers. Basically, don’t break the laws, CG Comm. rules, or cause a disruption in service, and you’ll be fine.

Do you throttle your connections?

CG reserves the right to: throttle/limit bandwidth, close or open ports, terminate applications/protocols, implement gateway security/hardware on, including but not limited to, peer to peer networks (PtP), FTP, IM, POP 3, IMAP, SMTP applications and/or protocols at the discretion of CG, in order to maintain a safe, secure, and reliable network for all customers.

Do you guarantee speeds?

Our service is Best Effort. Due to the nature of unforeseen events such as solar storms, electromagnetic interference, rain fade, power issues, etc. that can disrupt wireless services or speeds, we do not guarantee uptime or speeds on a residential agreement. We do not provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with our shared residential services. We recommend all users, especially those that work from home, have a contingency (backup) plan such as using a hot spot or driving to a location with wired Internet services.

Installation Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the installation price?

A CG Comm. Professional installer will determine the best suitable location for a clear Line-of-Sight path to the closest CG Comm. Tower.

A standard installation includes:

1. An Internet Radio with a built-in antenna, a POE Adapter and a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

2. Ethernet cable up to 75 feet will be run from the Internet radio to an Ethernet surge protector outside the house through a single exterior wall penetration to an interior wall.

3. Ethernet connectors will be used to terminate the Ethernet cable at the radio, Ethernet Surge Protector, and POE terminals.

4. One Ethernet Surge Protector. (Installations prior to 2017 did not include an Ethernet Surge Protector in the installation price, but were available as an optional accessory.)

5. Labor for a CG Professional Installer to install, program, align, and test the Internet radio.

What is not included in the installation price?

The installation price does not include:

1. Taxes which vary by county.

2. Universal mounting arm, pole or telescoping mast and guy wires.

3. First month’s service package.

4. Digging trenches.

5. Burying lines.

6. Installing face plates.

7. Attic installs.

8. Troubleshooting an existing network.

9. Computer support or repair.

10. Wired or wireless routers, switches or other networking hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions to the Sales Team

What payment methods can I use to pay for Internet Service, service calls, and/or equipment?

You are able to use cash, check, and credit cards to pay for services.

I need to change my payment method, what do I need to do?

Contact the Sales Team at 888-221-6704, option 1.

Is it possible to set up recurring payments via credit card?

Yes, contact the Sales Team to receive a Credit Card Authorization Form.

What is the payment schedule?

Invoices are sent on the 20th of each month. Payments are due by the 1st, and are considered late on the 5th. If payment has not been received by the 10th, Internet services will be interrupted (disconnected) until late fees, possible reconnection fees, and payment is given. (Please review your terms of service.)

Are you able to provide services to my address?

To better serve you, we will need your contact information to be able to perform an electronic site survey and determine coverage. [Please note: there is a charge for on-location site surveys.]

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade your speed plan. Higher speeds may not be available in your area. This depends on multiple factors such as location, equipment, Tower, congestion, and interference.

Can I switch from a Month-to-Month Package to a 2-Year agreement?

Yes, you can switch from a Month-to-Month Package to a 2-Year agreement. This is a good way to lower your rate and save.

What is the termination fee to end the agreement?

Please review your agreement terms. If you do not have a copy of your agreement, please contact the Sales office at 888-221-6704, Option 1.