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Video Tutorials

CG Communications, Inc. Video Tutorials

Identifying your Power Over Ethernet (POE) Adapter:

The POE Adapter powers your Internet radio equipment, and provides network  and Internet access.

In virtually all the CG Comm. standard installations, the POE port should have an Ethernet cable that should be going through the wall and outside to the Internet radio equipment.

The LAN Port provides local area network and Internet access. After a CG Comm. technician has successfully installed your Internet radio equipment, you should be able to simply plug in a computer via a CAT5 Ethernet cable to the LAN port to get Internet access.

Restarting the Router:

If you are experiencing sluggish Internet, no Internet, or erratic behavior, you may need to power cycle your router. CG Comm. recommends restarting your router at least once per month. If you don’t have any issues with your router, and have over a 200-day uptime, let us know.

Bypassing the Router:

One of the most basic troubleshooting step is to directly connect your computer to the LAN port of your power adapter. This takes your router out of the picture. Over 90% of our calls are resolved by bypassing the router.

If bypassing the router resolved your Internet woes, you may need to update your router’s firmware.

If you noticed that your router started behaving strangely after a thunderstorm, power outage, or other electrical issue, you may need to replace it. Of course, you want to make sure that you have completely troubleshot it with the manufacturer. They may be able to walk you through doing a full factory reset.

CG Communications, Inc. recommends that you protect your Internet radio, routers, computers and electronic devices by using a surge protector or battery backup system that is properly grounded.

In rural areas, you may need to purchase a power line conditioner to address voltage sags and spikes.