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We understand the importance of staying connected. CG Communications, Inc. provides updates and Technical Support via its website, email, and phone to its customers to ensure all services are running smoothly. Our technical support experts are located in the United States of America to make sure you do not have communication problems with an overseas call center.



Video Tutorials

CG Communications, Inc. provides video tutorials to make sure you have covered the basics.

Tower Status

CG Communications, Inc. owns many towers that provide Internet services to your region. Even though the towers have a backup system, during storms, or power issues, towers may go offline. Check the current tower status.

Test Your Internet Connection Bandwidth

Test your wireless internet connection with the following tests:, by the creators of NetFlix, uses new technologies and distributed servers to test your download bandwidth. does not require flash and can be used on smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Please note that each test is hosted at different locations, and results may vary between the tests.

CG Communications, Inc. does not guarantee wireless speeds for residential subscribers. Results will vary during peak usage periods.

General Recommendations

Protect Your Equipment

Use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with your Internet radio system, router, and computer equipment. Blackouts, brownouts, surges, and spikes may cause irreparable damage to your computer and Internet equipment. The Internet radio is a low power device that needs to be protected from voltage spikes and other common power issues that are present in rural areas.

Restart your router at least once per month. Restarting your Internet radio (antenna or dish) is not necessary as it is already on a schedule to restart every Tuesday morning at 3:00 AM.

Never give your Account username and password to unauthorized users. CG Communications, Inc. and its representatives will never ask for your Account password.

Secure your local network.

Install Anti-virus and Anti-malware software. As your first line of protection, use Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender.

Be aware of trial software that may try to install bundled applications or tool bars that tracks your information.

Use an ad-blocker program such as Adblock Plus.

Use Google to help you resolve most of the common computer issues.

Basic Troubleshooting

If you have lost access to the Internet, you may need to perform some basic troubleshooting steps to get connected once again.

Knowing the path to the Internet is important to determine where something has gone awry. The path to the Internet is as follows in most CG subscribers’ home:

Computer -> Router (if applicable) -> POE Adapter -> Internet Radio -> CG Tower -> CG Gateway -> Internet

No Internet

1.  Look to see if your POE Adapter is plugged in correctly.

Slow Internet

1. Restart your computer or device that connects to the Internet.

2. If applicable, restart your router. Routers should be restarted at least once per month, or more frequently if you are a high bandwidth user, or are experiencing sluggish behavior.

3. Restart your “Power Active” power supply by unplugging the large power cord from the brick adapter, wait 15 seconds, and plug it back in.

You can follow more detailed instructions on Troubleshooting a Slow Internet Connection page.


Slow Computer and Slow Internet with Windows 10

Windows 10 may be slowing you down.


A Maxed Out Connection Will Slow Everyone.

Check to see if your connection is getting maxed out


Reboot the Router

Yes, all you may need to do is Reboot the Router.

Update Your Router

You may need to Update Your Router as it may need a firmware update.

CG Communications, Inc. continues to expand its coverage area by building new tower sites to reach areas that can't be reached by cable, DSL, or fiber.