About Us

Why choose CG Communications, Inc.?

Choosing CG Communications, Inc. as your Wireless Internet Service Provider has many benefits:

High Speed Wireless Internet Service

CG Communications, Inc. is a wireless internet service provider (WISP) based out of Smithville, Texas. CG Communications, Inc. has been bringing high-speed Internet service to rural America. CG Communications, Inc. is currently providing high speed wireless internet access via AirMax to the following Texas locations: Bastrop, Cistern, Dale, Flatonia, High Crossing, Jeddo, Kovar, LBA, Lone Star area, Lockhart, Mc Mahan, Paige, Smithville, String Prairie, Red Rock, Rosanky, and Upton

What Technology Does CG Communications, Inc. Use for Wireless Internet Service?

CG Communications, a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), uses fixed wireless radio to provide high speed internet access to residents in rural areas, like the countryside, ranches, and farms where cable, DSL, and fiber optic networks are not available.

What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed wireless Internet is the communication between two stationary terrestrial radio devices used to provide high speed data services. CG Communications uses point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication. We utilize a network of towers to provide service to Caldwell, Bastrop and Fayette counties.

What Are the Limitations of Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed wireless Internet uses radio and microwave transmissions; therefore, terrain, surrounding tree coverage, buildings, interference, frequency, weather, and solar activity may prevent service or cause degradation of service. CG Communications, Inc. offers free electronic site surveys to determine if you qualify for Wireless Internet Service.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

How We Got Here:

2017- CG Communications, Inc. expanded its coverage area and upgraded large segments of its Tower and Network infrastructure with new towers, faster equipment, and newer network switches. It also installed new layers of security on both the Smithville and Lockhart networks.

2016 – CG Communications, Inc. offers wireless services to Lake Thunderbird, Indian Lake and Rocky Hill regions in Smithville, TX.

2015 – CG Communications, Inc. expands coverage area to more parts of Cedar Creek, Eastern Bastrop, Wyldwood, and High Grove.

2015 – Increasing demand for streaming services prompts CG Communications, Inc. to increase its back haul bandwidth solution. CG links EC, Upton and Red Rock to Smithville with AirFiber technology.

2014 – CG Communications, Inc. installs AirFiber to provide scalable services to businesses and residential customers.

2013 – CG Communications, Inc. now offers higher bandwidth as a result of infrastructure upgrades to Fiber Optic Services in Smithville.

2004 – After building an infrastructure of communication towers in Smithville and Cistern, CG Communications, Inc. provides high speed Internet service.

1988 – CG Communications, Inc. started a two-way radio system business. We continue to install new towers and provide maintenance of company-owned and third-party radio towers.

Chris C. , Gene G., Scott, and Chris Z. on-site at a new CG Communications Tower site.