Fiber to AirFiber

CG Communications, Inc. uses Fiber to AirFiber technologies to provide the best and fastest Internet service to its customers. Your connection to the world is important and we use the best broadband technologies.

Fiber optic connections provide unparalleled scalability, consistency, and reliability.

AirFiber provides extremely low latency wireless back haul links to give our towers the fastest connection to the Internet. AirFiber also allows us to push more data over the air and allow more bandwidth to be delivered to your home.

We are committed to being the best and offering the most consistent and reliable high speed Internet services to rural customers. Whether you live out in the country, on a farm, and sometimes in the woods, we may be able to provide a fast, consistent and reliable Internet service to your address.

Established in 2004, CG Communications, Inc. uses emerging technologies to provide the best wireless Internet solutions to rural area businesses and residents.  We are committed to providing the best performance and experience.