Faster Fiber at Lockhart is Here!

On May 29, 2018, CG Communications, Inc. upgraded the Lockhart Network to an even faster fiber optic connection! This allows us to provide higher bandwidth options to all Lockhart region subscribers. A Fiber optic connection provides unparalleled scalability, reliability and consistency that is not found in alternate broadband mediums.

The CG Comm. wireless Internet coverage areas that benefit from the upgrade are: Lockhart North, Lockhart, Lytton Springs, Sea Willow, Mc Mahan, Red Rock, Dale, Rockne, and The Ridge.

CG Communications, Inc. uses Fiber to airFiber technologies to provide the fastest Internet connection to its subscribers. Lower latency, higher bandwidth is now available.

Established in 2004, CG Communications, Inc. is committed to providing industry leading bandwidth solutions to our subscribers. We use emerging technologies to provide the best Internet experience in the industry.