Liberty Tower is Online

CG Comm Liberty Tower

High Speed Wireless Internet is now faster in the Dale area

CG Communication’s coverage area has increased in Dale. CG Communications built Liberty Tower to provide even faster speeds to the Dale area while increasing its coverage area. With AirFiber to Fiber technologies, latency has dropped substantially. More bandwidth is available to Dale residents.

If you are in existing CG Comm. subscriber connected to the Dale Tower, call 888-221-6704 to be upgraded to the Liberty Tower. Please note that terrain and trees may prevent service from reaching an address.

CG Communications uses Fiber to AirFiber technologies to provide the fastest Internet connections with low latency.

CG Communications provides unlimited data plans to its residential and business subscribers.

CG Communications, Inc. is committed to providing industry leading bandwidth solutions to our subscribers. We use emerging technologies to provide the best Internet experience in the industry.

Give us a call at 888-221-6704 to be scheduled for installation.